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Fufu (African Dumpling)

Fufu comes under different names and is consumed in most African countries south of the Sahara. Fufu is a firm, steamed dumpling made from grains and African yams. Served with your choice of stews.

22. House Fufu (Wheat)  VIEW
Served with your choice of Stews:

Egusi (See description under African Favorites) $10.75

Um’bido Made with peanuts and spinach with chicken breast. $10.75

Maafe A chicken / peanut stew cooked with assorted vegetables and mushrooms. $10.75 Extra Fufu $5.00

23. Egusi Stew with Cassava Fufu  

Made from Cassava yams. $12.50
Extra Manioc $6.00

24. Egusi Stew with Pounded Yam  
Made with African Malanga yams. $12.50
Extra Pounded Yam $6.00 Extra Manioc $6.00
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